Cloudberry teaches Russian, Chinese and English languages online and offline
We focus on Russian and Mandarin Chinese languages – highly challenging, critical and most spoken in the world but less commonly taught in the US.
Cloudberry offers heritage programs designed for children speaking another language at home.


Cloudberry was born in Chicago, raised in Colorado, studied in Moscow and Los Angeles and has been working globally online since 2012.

Why us

modern materials
we focus on russian and chinese
hand-picked language coaches
secure quick payments
your personal account with schedule, balance and progress
Tailored Lessons

Clients say

Becky Blankenship

I really wanted a program that would work with my unique needs as a learner. Cloudberry was very willing and knowledgeable about customizing exactly what I needed to learn. And I love that about Cloudberry.

Terry Ward

I took a 2 year assignment in Moscow and my company wanted me to start learning the language before I came. Cloudberry provided me with all the materials. It was very well-oganized. They were very flexible with scheduling. I couldn't have asked for better experience and the way to start.

Joe Peterson

I'm glad to see that Cloudberry is receiving some well-deserved attention. I really valued Cloudberry's role in my education, and I still do.

Back in 2013 I started taking weekly, hour-long online Russian lessons from Cloudberry Language School to enhance and complement the in-person instruction I was receiving over the summer.

Cloudberry greatly accelerated my path to language proficiency, and much of that is because of the dedication of my tutors. Lessons were clearly developed both to suit my individual needs as a student and to make significant progress toward learning objectives. Assignments were thoughtfully created, never dull, and often exposed me to elements of modern Russian culture.

I'm now double majoring in Microbiology and Russian at the University of Minnesota. Continuing Russian Studies was far easier as a result of my time with Cloudberry as I was able to build new language knowledge from strong foundations in grammar and vocabulary, and I highly recommend Cloudberry to any prospective language student.

Joe's mom:

May (2017) will be Joe's last with Cloudberry.  :-(  I thought I would give you a heads up.   

He will be heading to Moldova in June with the NSLI-Y program and then continue studying Russian at the University of Minnesota.
Your instruction has been invaluable to him and I know he has really enjoyed it over the years!  Not only was the language teaching terrific, but you helped him maintain an enthusiasm for learning about the Russian language and culture.

I want to thank you for a quality program and flexibility in working around schedules, skills levels, and sometimes a teenager just not looking at his email or getting his homework done!  I am so thankful we found you!